Mission & Vision

Satisfying the clients with our top quality services and unparallel competitive rates is our prime focus. We believe in long-term relationships and devote our best right from the moment we associate with you. Equitech Softwares believe in the value of after-sales support and would readily be available for any support that our clients may need.

We believe in hiring the best talent pools to ensure that Equitech Softwares reach the top in the field despite the market competition and depend on cost-effective feasible solutions for the purpose.

Come, let us bond together and allow us to work for the smooth running of your business while you concentrate on the production lines.

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Always at your service

24/7 Support

Always available to help you. Start with us and be with us

Smooth and Fast

Our website and software datas are compressed enough to run at low speed internet.

Elegant Design

The best looking website gives more customers. Elangancy and professionalism is the key to success

Web Development

Businesses on the date have moved to the online platforms and a business without a website can never freely compete in this market. It helps your customers to find a way to get in touch with you, know what you are offering and why they should choose your product or service over others.

The website is the digital platform that you gift your business with. But developing a website is not an easy task. It requires firm knowledge, expertise, and the right talent to create the best platform for you. At Equitech Softwares, we have all that is needed to curate the best website for your business.

Responsive designs with primary SEO optimization allows the website to automatically enjoy a boost and come up with enhanced customer experience for all those who visit the website. We offer a wide range of custom web development services to deliver you exactly what you need, without adding any feature that you will not need. Whatever your requirements may be, you state it and let us fulfill it for you.

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Android App Development

The use of mobile devices has significantly increased over the past few years and the users are always in search of an easier way to get things done. This is where the mobile apps come into the rescue of the companies and ensure that they do not lose their valuable clients.

With us, you can get the best mobile app for your business with promising simplicity and easy navigation. We pay special attention to designing the UI so that the UX is always at the prime focus. We understand the value that your clients hold for your business and keep it in mind while designing the project. Whether you want a mobile application for your end-users or for your employees, we are loaded with the right talents to take on the task and complete it in record time with minimal scopes of complaints.

If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied and we do not stop unless you obtain full satisfaction.

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Graphic Design

Our graphics designing team takes time to research the background of the business to ensure that the design clear holds the identity that the brand has or wants to establish in the market. They then take in a wide range of psychological factors into consideration that can impact the potential customers of the business.

The logo is the ultimate identity that you create for the brand. While the brand represents what your business is, the logo represents the brand. It is of utter significance and we maintain all the points to ensure that the logo we create for your business strongly resembles it.

If you can give us any concept, any abstract, a name, an idea, or even your thoughts, we can create exactly what you need. We even offer a limited number of revisions with each logo we design to ensure that you pay for only what you want.

We even offer the PSD files for other designs as well. Our graphics designers spin in the exact creativity into the designs to ensure that it serves the purpose you want it to. We pay extra attention to enhance the subtle details to confirm the delivery of the best quality.

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MLM Software

The pyramidal structure still works the best. We are a specialist in devising multi-level marketing strategies to help boost your business. There are quite a variety of approaches we use to help you grow your business and derive revenue flow from the non-salaried segment of your company.

To further enhance its effects, we even combine multiple approaches to fetch the best results. Our marketing specialists’ team works to identify the best options as per the goals and objectives of your business, thus combining the exact right tasks that can increase the sale of your products and services. While you invest your valuable time in maintaining the production line, we are here to take care of the marketing necessities as per the product/service requirements.

To know more about our approaches and develop an idea of what MLM is all about, you can get in touch with us.

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We offer the most robust, secure, fast-loading, well arranged, customer-oriented eCommerce website that can help you to easily transform your site into a leading online retail store in the present market.

We pay extra attention to maintain our approach of responsive designing so that none of your customers bounce off your website even if they are browsing your store from their smartphone devices. Equitech Softwares also develops aligned mobile apps to further enhance the user experience.

Our technical team is aware of the current trends and patterns of the market and understands what best suits your organization. We perform a critical market analysis to draw out the best design for your e-commerce website and build in on some of the leading programming frameworks. The loss of going under maintenance is too much and our craft ensures that you shall never have to go through that pain. With us by your side, your business will be up for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

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